Growth regulators

Fertilisers and Micro fertilizers

The choice of a fertilizer for a specific variety of a crop depends mainly on soil content of nutrient elements and plant requirement. Soil and/or plant analysis can play a major role in determining the right decision. Dose, timing and method of application are extremely vital for maximizing production of any crop. Macro elements such as Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium (NPK) are the most commonly used. Plants however require other elements as well which can be supplied to the plants during different stages of developmental growth although in lower quantities. These are called the micro-elements and can be found in the market under different commercial brand names according to contents, forms and rates.

Foliar Spray

A very effective and efficient method of nutrient application which ensures a fast and cheap way of supplying plants with its requirement of trace element. There are however many factors that govern the method of application, doses, forms and timing.

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